Services - Reverse 911

Putnam County was awarded a $187,000 Homeland Security grant in 2003. A portion of that grant was used to help purchase a "Reverse 911 System." Putnam 911 matched the grant with $20,000 to complete the project.

In March of 2006, Putnam County's system was expanded to cover all 15 Upper Cumberland Counties through a $185,000 regional homeland security grant. A mirrored site was also installed in Overton County.

In December of 2011, the Upper Cumberland 911 centers purchased a new system off the same Homeland Security grant program. The new system has many more user-friendly features, and has a faster calling rate. This purchase was to replace the old software that was no longer available after that time.

The reverse 911 system allows residents to be notified by telephone of emergency situations. It works in conjunction with GIS mapping systems and allows residents of a particular area to be notified by dialing each phone and playing a pre-recorded emergency message. The system enables us to make thousands of calls in a matter of minutes.

The original system became operational November 2004, while the new Accu-Reach system came online in December 2011.

The new Accu-Reach system also allows residents to register cell phones to receive alerts. Since cell phones are not registered to an address, like landline phones, they are not automatically imported into the system.Click Here to register for cell phone E-Alerts.

Frontier Communications donated all the long distance charges for callouts and gave a special rate for the T-1 lines needed to operate the system. Twin Lakes Telephone donated both the T-1 lines and the long distance charges for the Overton County system. We are very thankful to both phone companies for their cooperation and partnership in the new system