Addressing & Maps - Subdivisions

Subdivisions in Putnam County must meet stringent regulations provided by the Regional Planning Commission. New subdivisions must be reviewed and pre-addressed by Putnam County 911 before receiving final approval by the Planning Commission. This means that each subdivision lot already has a house number and street address assigned to it.

We have compiled most of the subdivision plats recorded since 1991. Our database allows you to search by “Subdivision Name” and view a list of all lots in that subdivision and the individual address for each lot. These plats are also available in Adobe Acrobat files to be downloaded or printed. Please click on the link below to search our subdivision database. 

                  Click Here to Search Subdivision Plats

Corner lots may have “two” addresses, depending on which way the house faces. Please call us to verify the correct address.  These lot numbers will have “Call for Address” listed in the street address field. You may call 526-3967 and ask for Mike Thompson or Randy Porter to confirm a corner lot address.