Addressing & Maps - Addressing

Putnam County 911 assigns all new addresses in Putnam County and also in Algood, Baxter and Monterey city. In the City of Cookeville, the department of planning and codes assigns addresses.

To apply for a new address in unincorporated ares of Putnam County, Alggod, Baxter or Monterey, please call 931-646-4357 (646-HELP). Please also submit a photo or layout for the proposed property to 

To apply for a new address in Cookeville city, please call 931-520-5268.

Please remember, you must have your construction stakes up showing where the house or trailer will sit before you call for a new address. We try to assign the new address within 48 hours.

Putnam County also has regulations concerning the posting of house numbers. Please read below. Cookeville City has it’s own set of posting regulations. You may download those regulations here:

Cookeville Codes Department


These regulations are intended to set a standard for the posting of house numbers in Putnam County. Per T.C.A. 7-86-127, Putnam County has the right to establish and enforce policies for the assignment and posting of house numbers per the above stated section of T.C.A. The Putnam County Commission passed these regulations in regular session on October 20, 1997.


Every residence and business in Putnam County shall have a house number and street address assigned to it by the E-911 district. The E-911 District Board shall maintain a process for new constructions to be assigned an address. The number shall then be posted to meet the criteria below.

Section 1 Temporary Posting for Electrical Permits

Every person applying for temporary and permanent electrical service of a new residence or business must contact the E-911 office for the issuance of a new address. The new numbers must be posted before an inspection, utility service or telephone lines are installed. The numbers must be visible from the county road that the new location is addressed off of and must meet the following requirements:

  1. Numbers must be at least 6 inches in height and must be orange or red in color.
  2. The numbers do not have to be purchased, they may be painted on at least a 1foot by 3 foot board. The board may be attached to the temporary electrical service if it visible and within 50 ft of the county road its addressed from.
  3. If the building is more than 150ft from the county road and its temporary electrical service is more than 50 ft from the county road, a stake or sign must be posted within 25 ft of the driveway.

Section 2 Permanent Posting of House Number

All residence and business dwellings must post their assigned house number to meet the following requirements:

  1. Numbers must be at least 6 inches in height and reflectorized.
  2. Numbers must be posted on the side of the house facing the county road it is addressed from. Numbers must be legible from the county road and free from obstructions.
  3. If the house is more than 150ft from the county road it is addressed from, numbers must be on the mailbox or a stake at the beginning of the driveway. Stakes must be 2-5ft high, no more than 25ft from driveway and easily visible from the county road it is addressed from. If posted on mailbox, numbers must be on both sides of it and the mailbox must be within 25 ft of driveway.
  4. If multiple houses are located on a private drive they must have a stake at the beginning of the drive with all the house numbers posted on it, plus, there must be a stake or house number posted on each house on the private drive.