Addressing & Maps - GIS Mapping

Putnam County 911 is proud to provide a new online GIS mapping system. The new system created by True North Technologies of Murfreesboro, TN allows our GIS maps and data to be viewed through a normal web browser. 

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We have also created a "help and tutorial" section to assist users with online GIS Mapping. The section contains useful tips and shortcuts for using our site. 

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The maintenance of the GIS data is a joint effort of 911, Assessor of Property and City of Cookeville. A GIS council was formed by these three agencies to automate and guarantee the updating of the data. With any database, the information must be kept current to be effective. The council uses several ESRI products to maintain the data including ARCSDE and ARCIMS. A depository SDE server is used to store all GIS data in the county. Each agency downloads nightly any new changes and after new data is compiled by the SDE server, uploads of fresh data are sent back out to each agency. This allows for the most up to date data to be shared among agencies. There are 8 different agencies or departments that provide data to the GIS system. Every city and county department has access to the GIS system by the IMS server. This allows each department to have access through a web browser and not be required to purchase any GIS software.