About Us - Dispatch

Mike Thompson, Director

- Dispatch Supervisor and Assistant 911 Director since 1997.
- Worked as dispatcher, EMT, and paramedic for Putnam County EMS, since in 1980.
- Certified as an Emergency Telecommunicator, Emergency Medical Dispatcher and Paramedic 

Phillip Harris 

- Dispatcher for Putnam County EMS since 1980 which pre-dates 911 services 
- Was a dispatcher for two different EMS operators starting in 1974
- Certified as an Emergency Telecommunicator and EMD 
- Is a Dispatch Training Officer 

Susan Allen 

- Dispatcher for Putnam County 911 since 1991
- Certified Emergency Telecommunicator and EMD 

Kristi Ellis

- Dispatcher for Putnam County 911 since 1998. 
- Worked as a dispatcher for the Jackson County Sheriff's Department prior to 1998
- Certified as an Emergency Telecommunicator and EMD Dispatcher. 

Karla Beaty
- Dispatcher for Putnam County 911 since 2002
- Certified Emergency Telecommunicator and Emergency Medical Dispatcher  

Jason Bohannon

- Dispatcher for Putnam County 911 since 2004
- Volunteer with the Putnam County Rescue Squad
- Certified Emergency Telecommunicator and Emergency Medical Dispatcher.