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About Us - 911 Center

Putnam County has a state of the art “Enhanced 911” system unlike any other in Tennessee. Supplied by Combix, Inc out of Plano, TX, the system has many special features that makes it stand out against other systems.

Installed in September of 2009, the system answers over 100,000 emergency and non-emergency per year. Putnam County, along with the other counties of the Upper Cumberland region, are unique in that they have “stand-alone databases. This means the telephone database is stored at the 911 center. The telephone companies serving Putnam update the database on a daily basis. Most other areas of the state retrieve 911 information across data circuits from a master database located in other areas of the state. Unlike Putnam, if those data circuits fail no 911 information such as the street address is available. With the “stand alone” database there are no circuits involved so the access to data is onsite.

Touch screens are a major feature of our 911 system. These allow the dispatcher to answer calls without the use of a mouse or keyboard, making the process easier and more time efficient. 

911 caller information is provided to the dispatcher immediately. This includes the telephone number, name, street address and which EMS Fire and Police agency that covers the caller’s location. One of the special features of the system is called "Premise Notes" which allows the dispatcher to warn emergency responders of any medical history or special instructions involving that location. This allows Paramedics to be prepared for medical problems before they arrive or fightfighters to be aware of special situations that may require search and rescue in case of a fire. Residents may notify us of any of special situations and they will be added to the person's phone record. You may do this by calling us at 931-528-1555.

Another main feature of our system is GIS Mapping, which allows for automatic location of our callers whether wired or wireless. When a call is answered a map screen automatically shows the location of the caller along with color aerial imagery that allows the dispatchers and responders to see the scene they are responding to. The dispatcher can zoom in, out or pan around to find the best route to the scene for responding units. The map screen can also be sent wireless to the latop in the ambulance so the crew can have the information as it responds.

TTY/TDD (Teletype/Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) callers require special attention, as they cannot speak. Our system has special software that allows the dispatcher to communicate with the caller much like typing on a computer. All 911 centers in the nation are required to have TTY capability to communicate with callers who may not be able to speak or hear. The caller also has a special TTY machine that allows this communication to happen.

Our system has a special alert message for Spanish speaking callers. With the touch of a button, the dispatcher plays a special message in Spanish to the caller that tells them to stay on the line while an interpreter is being conferenced into the call. Putnam County uses AT&T Language Line which provides 24x7 foreign language interpretation. This allows us to communicate with any caller, regardless of the language spoken by the caller.

The 911 center dispatches for EMS, Fire and Rescue. Callers requiring Law Enforcement are transferred to either the Cookeville Police, Putnam Sheriff, THP or TTU dispatch centers by the touch of a button. This transfers not only the voice part of the call, but the 911 call information also. This allows the police dispatchers to have the same information as the 911 dispatcher.

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Actual dispatch screen that shows caller information such as, name, address and phone number. Second column shows “hot transfer buttons” that allow the dispatcher to transfer a 911 call to surrounding counties.

Dispatchers can review all 911 calls made to that address for any trends that may help or protect emergency responders.

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Our BlueRidge recorder allows dispatchers to play back all 911 calls and radio transmissions to review for an questionable details.

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Our system has a computerized telephone directory that allows the dispatcher to search alphabetically by name and actually dial the number by the touch of the screen.

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Our system handles 17 trunks for 911 calls and 13 non-emergency and administrative lines. Our system allows the dispatcher to see which trunk the call is coming from before answering. This allows 911 calls to always be answered first. Internal phone sets can be transferred administrative calls with the touch of one button.

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Our system has a built in TTY. This allows us to type and have a conversation with a caller who is voice or hearing impaired.